The 5 best ways you can boost productivity when working from home

Discover the five best ways that you can boost your productivity when working from home. Learn how you can optimise your environment to be as productive as possible.

Ivor Colson

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been forced to operate entirely online. Vaccinations are now offering the chance for UK businessess to return to normality, but many are still opting for a hybrid work policy.

Reports at the start of the pandemic suggested that workers are just as productive, if not more, when working from home. A survey by Airtasker in March 2020 reported that workers spent ten minutes less distracted each day, compared to when they were in the office.

However, in recent months, it has been reported that workers are beginning to experience burnout and are unable to maintain their productivity.

So, how can you boost your productivity when working from home?

This article considers what it means to be productive, why it matters in the long-term and shares the 5 best ways to boost productivity when working from home.

What does boost productivity mean?

In short, boosting productivity means increasing the amount of work you complete within the same given time-frame.

However, in the long-term context it can also mean increasing your motivation and general attitude towards work. Feeling more motivated to complete each task will lead to longer-term productivity.

Why should you boost your productivity?

There are many reasons why it is important for workers to be as productive as possible. For organisations, better productivity leads to increased profits and lower operational costs. On the other hand, teams and individuals can improve their personal development by learning how to boost their own productivity.

It has also been shown that productivity can enhance your wellbeing and improve your feelings of morale. This can lead to you making a positive impact on your wider team and on your company.

Boosting productivity is a priority for many businesses. According to the CIPD, 38% of UK firms surveyed viewed ‘improving productivity’ as a current priority.

So, what can you do to boost your own productivity to benefit yourself, your colleagues and your company?

The 5 best ways to boost productivity

From our research we have found the 5 best ways to help you boost your productivity when working from home.

1. Work to your own flow

Research shows that individuals who scored lower on the World Health Organisation’s chart for good mental health also self-reported lower productivity levels compared to their pre-pandemic productivity.

This trend shows that if you do not feel mentally able and present, your productivity will suffer. That is why our first tip is to know your own mind and work to your own flow as workplace wellness is essential to productivity.

Given that over 90% of the respondents reported that they found it easiest to concentrate on one activity for a long period of time, rather than various activities for short intervals, why not consider what kind of tasks and working styles suit you?

Being in control of your own time will also help to boost productivity. In a survey by The Alternative Board, it was found that 35% of respondents cited poor time management as the reason for their lack of productivity.

Take care of your mental health, include regular breaks within your routine and find the kind of work and best time of day that boosts your productivity.

2. Cultivate your ideal environment

Your working environment should be designed as a space that suits your psychological and cognitive needs, reports say.

Did you know that surrounding yourself with objects and items that make you feel happy can lead to an increase in productivity of up to 12%?

Important things to consider besides what objects surround you include: having a well-positioned computer screen and a chair which supports your spine.

If possible, try to also find a quiet place to work away from potential distractions. If needed, work remotely in coffee shops, local libraries or workspaces if your home becomes too distracting.

3. Communicate with your team

In the Airtasker survey, 15% of remote employees reported that communicating with their colleagues online increased their productivity.

There has also been a rise reported in the number of Gen X workers who use digital tools to communicate and build trust with their colleagues throughout this pandemic period.

Get downloading online collaboration tools such as Slack and Zoom etc., and begin to foster communication and collaboration between yourself and your team.

Although you are working from home, you can still boost your productivity through the power of communication and workplace tools.

4. Use the right technology

According to reports, almost half of the activities people are paid to do globally (around $16 trillion in wages) have the potential to be automated.

Therefore, ensuring that you have the right technology on your side is key to optimising and boosting your productivity. This is because you’ll spend less time searching for information and more time completing tasks.

It has also been shown that workers are increasingly using technology to foster creativity and innovation, and to develop new ideas.

By using automated services, you could cut out the 19% of your time that you would have otherwise been wasting on searching for information. Therefore, you can boost your productivity by using the right technology.

By signing up to Omnifia’s beta, you can gain access to an automated system which makes the process of combing through different applications in search for information instantaneous. Other useful applications that speed up the process of information gathering include Slack, Trello and Airtable.

5. Embrace the benefits of remote work

Despite the potential for procrastination, burnout and distraction when working from home, there is also a lot of evidence that remote work can be beneficial to your productivity.

In the Airtasker survey, it was found that working from home gives workers 8.5 extra hours of free time per week due to the lack of a commute.

If you utilise the extra 8.5 hours you’ll gain each week to boost your productivity - such as by using this time for exercising or taking well-needed breaks, you will increase your productivity when working from home.

Our take:

You can be just as productive at home as you would be in the office. And, you can boost your productivity even further by following our five tips.

Take care of your mind, ensure that your environment inspires you, communicate with your team and use the right technology to help streamline your working hours. Finally, embrace the benefits of remote work and utilise the extra hours in smart ways to boost your productivity even further.

If you follow our five steps, you’ll be able to boost productivity in no time! We would love to hear any tips that you have about how to become more productive whilst working from home. You can send us an email at or contact us through our Twitter or LinkedIn.