How it works

Achieve people success in 3 simple steps

Transform your data into actionable insights. Launch data driven strategies that make a difference.

“Increasing the use of data by 10% leads to an increase in revenue per employee by 14.4%."

How it works


Engage with our team and get started with your complimentary People Insight Report.

Use the report’s findings to pinpoint your top challenges using the powerful combination of data science and psychological insights.

Share the current impact with your colleagues in a handy report.


Refine and shape your people strategy to proactively tackle identified challenges.

Employ the most impactful tactics to drive your strategy forward.

Choose metrics within Omnifia for precise, quantitative progress tracking.

Launch your people strategy with confidence.


Continuously evaluate and fine-tune the influence of your strategy on key metrics.

Once you've achieved success, effortlessly communicate the results with your colleagues using Omnifia.

Enter the diagnostic phase to uncover new challenges, and embark on this three-step process once more.

Secure, private and ethical by design


Penetration tests performed annually
Encryption for data at rest (AES-256)
Encryption for data in transit (TLS 1.2)
Hosted and managed in secure ISO 27001 and SOC-2 certified data centres
Daily vulnerability scans performed by automated security tools


Fully GDPR compliant
Your data is never sold or shared with third parties
Permissions maintained from the underlying system
Data is anonymised and aggregated by default
Remove your data from Omnifia in one click


Full transparency of data processing performed
Algorithms trained on DEI aware datasets
Data for good - Omnifia is designed to be of benefit to all employees in an organisation
Consent-first approach to data


What integrations are supported?

We support integrations across HRIS, Finance, Commercial, Project, Developer and Workspace tools. We can even work with custom tools. If the app has an API, we can integrate.

Is the data secure?

Yes. At Omnifia, your security is paramount. We are committed to protecting it. Visit our security page here.

Can I use a BI tool to visualise the data?

Yes. You can use Omnifia to bring your data into one place, and then you can use a BI tool of your choosing to visualise the data.

Do I have to use a BI tool to visualise the data?

No. You can use Omnifia to bring your data together and then you can visualise it with our platform. You can slice and dice the data as you wish, and present it in a myriad of formats.

What metrics can I see?

You can see metrics from across the employee experience. From hiring, onboarding, workforce, culture, performance and exit. You can pull in any data point from your applications to measure processes and productivity. You can also create your own custom dashboards with 1k+ metrics.

Diagnose and resolve your people challenges

Get a free 45 minute consultation to learn about successful people strategies
Get your complimentary People Insights Report crafted by data experts and workplace psychologists
Gain an understanding of how people data and AI can help you achieve your goals

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