Drive engagement with passive data and AI

Leverage cutting edge technology to benefit from a new way to ehance employee engagement.

UK Research and Innovation
UK Research and Innovation
Leader Insights

A birds eye view of engagement

Unlock a deeper understanding of engagement throughout your organisation by leveraging your workspace data.

Gain instant insights into areas that require improvement through intuitive visualisations.

Effortlessly refine your analysis using a range of powerful filtering options, allowing you to precisely target and address key areas of focus.

Manager Insights

Multiply change with managers 

Managers are the driving force behind change within your organisation.

Equip them with the knowledge to quickly identify areas for enhancing engagement, without relying on surveys.

Empower your managers to assess, take decisive action, and propel engagement to new heights.

Best in class data and AI

Faster to achieve organisational outcomes

Return on Investment (ROI)

Average revenue increase

Diagnose and resolve your people challenges

Get a free 45 minute consultation to learn about successful people strategies
Get your complimentary People Insights Report crafted by data experts and workplace psychologists
Gain an understanding of how people data and AI can help you achieve your goals

Unlock human potential with data and AI -->

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