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Achieve your goals with AI-powered people insights

Use AI-powered people insights to drive success today. Propel individual and organisational growth with superior insights. 

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UK Research and Innovation
UK Research and Innovation

Reach your goals 5.6x faster with AI-powered people insights

Unlock key insights effortlessly from your passive data

Unleash the true potential of your data by leveraging our cutting-edge expertise in data science and artificial intelligence.

Turn your raw passive data into people insights that drive meaningful outcomes for your organisation.

Stop relying on surveys and leverage state-of-the-art AI. Extract hidden patterns, uncover trends, and derive valuable knowledge from your existing data.

Action insights to resolve your challenges quickly

We specialise in highlighting the key human factors that are impeding your progress towards your goals.

Use Omnifia to understand your key people challenges, and get clear, actionable steps tailored to your unique context.

By offering concrete strategies and interventions, we empower you to address your challenges and achieve your goals.

Insights powered by award-winning research and expert consultation

Our insights have been developed through a unique combination of pioneering research funded by Innovate UK, extensive dialogues with hundreds of organisations, and invaluable contributions from leading workplace psychologists.

This multidisciplinary approach ensures that our insights are not only data-driven but also deeply informed by real-world experiences and cutting-edge psychological expertise.

Why use people insights?

Increase engagement

Create a data driven people strategy that drives employee engagement.

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Improve productivity

Make decisions that drive productivity and business performance.

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Reduce turnover

Reduce turnover by creating a market leading employee experience.

What our clients say

We've helped organisations achieve their objectives across agencies, startups and care.

“Being a growing company, Omnifia is key in helping both our organisation and people focus and achieve our goals.”

CEO of a Series A and award winning FinTech

“Surveys are incredibly limited. The insights Omnifia has unlocked for us have been crucial in creating highly productive teams that don’t turnover.”

Director of People Operations at a 300 person HealthTech

“By using Omnifia, I can quickly understand the decisions I need to take to increase my team’s engagement and productivity.”

Engineering Manager of a high growth 200 person Agency

Diagnose and resolve your people challenges

Get a free 45 minute consultation to learn about successful people strategies
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Gain an understanding of how people data and AI can help you achieve your goals

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