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Graphical representation of Omnifia's impact, showcasing a 30% increase in revenue for our customers through advanced AI data analytics solutions.
Increase in recurring revenue
Graphic showing Omnifia's achievement of delivering a 48x return on investment for clients using our AI data analytics platform.
Return on Investment (ROI)
Visualization illustrating 30 hours saved each month for Omnifia's clients, thanks to our efficient AI data analytics solutions.
Hours saved every month
Screenshot of Omnifia's AI analytics platform feature, highlighting the contextual data analysis capability that intelligently interprets and presents data insights for enhanced decision-making.
AI Data Context

Swiftly grasp the ‘So What’ and ‘Now What’

Understand the context of your data with AI. Measure the impact on your current growth goals. Benefit from recommended actions to decide on the best path forward.

What one of our customers says

Logo of Tokeny Solutions, highlighting our valued partnership and their trust in Omnifia's AI data analytics solutions for driving startup and businesss success.

Tokeny are a SaaS FinTech. We helped them grow revenue by over 20% in a matter of weeks.

Photograph of a satisfied Omnifia customer, Luc Falempin, Tokeny CEO, giving a testimonial on the transformative impact of our AI data analytics solutions on their business operations and success.
“Omnifia automatically gives teams insights and tells our teams where they stand on their key metrics. This has really driven team performance. We love it.”

Luc Falempin, Tokeny CEO

Photograph of a satisfied Omnifia customer, Mat Cottin, Tokeny COO, giving a testimonial on the transformative impact of our AI data analytics solutions on their business operations and success.
“I always prepare our monthly meetings for Customer Success leveraging the data we've setup in Omnifia. It saves me and my team countless hours.”

Mat Cottin, Tokeny COO

Photograph of a satisfied Omnifia customer, Shurong Li, Tokeny Head of Marketing, giving a testimonial on the transformative impact of our AI data analytics solutions on their business operations and success.
“The automatic calculations are a big timesaver. By automating the MQL to SQL conversion rate, we can swiftly generate reports with precision, eliminating human errors. This liberates me to focus on crafting strategic decisions to enhance marketing efforts, rather than being bogged down by manual calculations and data collection."

Shurong Li, Tokeny Head of Marketing

Triaged updates

One glance to understand key changes

Cut through to what’s important with your personalised insights feed. Quickly see the updates that matter.

Embed updates into your existing tools.

Screenshot demonstrating Omnifia's AI data analytics integration within Gmail, enhancing email communication with intelligent insights directly in the user's inbox.
Image showcasing how Omnifia's AI data analytics solution is seamlessly embedded into Slack, enabling real-time data insights and decision-making support within team conversations.
Visual representation of Omnifia's integration into Microsoft Teams, illustrating the capability to access and analyze data analytics within a collaborative workspace for improved team productivity and decision accuracy.
Screenshot of the 'Insights Feed' feature on Omnifia's platform, showcasing the automatic triaging of updates to prioritize relevant information, enabling users to stay informed with actionable insights tailored to their needs.

How will Omnifia boost my growth?

Graphic illustrating the 'Save Time Reporting' advantage of using Omnifia, highlighting how our AI data analytics solutions streamline reporting processes, freeing up valuable time for strategic tasks.

Save time reporting

View your key performance data in real time using the Omnifia platform. Embed in your existing tools.

Visual depiction of 'Data-Led Decisions' enabled by Omnifia, emphasizing the transformation of raw data into clear, actionable insights that guide informed decision-making across organizations.

Data-led decisions

Start making better and more effective decisions with data led insights that drive growth.

Image representing 'Autonomous Teams' fostered through Omnifia's platform, showcasing tools that empower teams to operate independently with real-time data, boosting efficiency and innovation.

Autonomous teams

Automate updates on key metrics to inform teams of their progress, fostering autonomy and driving high performance.

Graphic showing 'Company Focus' achieved with Omnifia, illustrating the alignment of strategic objectives with actionable data insights, ensuring that organizations concentrate on core growth areas.

Company focus

Leverage performance data to align your teams, guiding focus and efforts towards unified objectives and direction.

Screenshot of Omnifia's data dashboard, presenting key performance indicators including lead channels, MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) conversion rate, quotes sent, and recurring revenue. This comprehensive view enables users to monitor and optimize their sales and marketing strategies effectively
Beautiful visualisations

Create beautiful and shareable dashboards in moments

Start creating team and individual dashboards. Choose from pre-built metrics and dashboards to get started quickly. Share beautiful dashboards with your team mates.

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Got a question?

How much does it cost?

Omnifia provides its initial data consultation and no-obligation data analysis report free of charge. After this, if you choose to subscribe to the platform, Omnifia costs $250 a month.

What safeguards do you have in place for data security?

For data security, Omnifia leverages advanced infrastructure security and privacy features through AWS and Google Cloud Platform, ensuring best-in-class protection. Customer data is safeguarded with AES-256 encryption for data at rest and TLS 1.2 for data in transit, alongside a commitment to never sell or share data with third parties.

Application security is reinforced through firewalls, annual penetration tests, vulnerability scans, and AWS Cognito for authentication, ensuring comprehensive protection across all layers of the platform. For more detailed information, please visit their security page.

How do you ensure the integrity of the data?

Ensuring data integrity involves a three-tiered approach: firstly, we create a positive feedback loop by flagging data inaccuracies, which promotes good data practices amongst your team members. Secondly, our dedicated API team keeps our systems aligned with stable versions of third-party APIs, onboard new datasets, and  new integrations. Lastly, a robust alerting and monitoring infrastructure quickly detects and addresses unexpected changes in third-party APIs.

What teams is this for?

Omnifia is for all teams. It typically sets up insights across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Product and Customer Success.

What types of companies do you work with?

We typically work with tech startups and agencies. Companies with more than 10 employees, but fewer than 200.