Our Mission

We're on a mission to transform workplace productivity through the connection and democratisation of information.

Our story

Omnifia was founded during the pandemic, at a time when working from home became the only way to work. The slow and interruption-based exchange of information became a daily problem for many. As long-standing remote workers, we knew the workplace would be impacted forever. So we began Omnifia to do something about it.

From 2021, Omnifia has been interviewing and researching common pain points for workplace teams in this new era of work. We saw two key problems. Workplace information is inaccessible and teams are disconnected.

But why? With all the sophisticated applications and solutions out there, surely this couldn’t be a problem today? We quickly realised that’s exactly the problem: with the success of workplace applications, fragmentation has grown.

This fragmentation has led to information being more difficult to access. We exist to organise and connect these currently fragmented applications, with the goal to drive productivity through the democratisation of information that exists within them.

Our driving force is to improve the productivity of millions of workers worldwide by enabling them to access this information in a way not seen before.

We’re proud of the people who have our back

Trusted by top-tier product organisations

Badge image showing Omnifia as a Verified Integration Partner of Google, signifying a trusted collaboration for advanced AI data analytics solutions.
Logo indicating Omnifia's selection for the Barclays Accelerator program, a testament to innovation and excellence in AI data analytics.
Image showcasing Omnifia's achievement of securing funding from Innovate UK for pioneering advancements in AI data analytics.

Our values

Our values drive the lifeblood of Omnifia and beyond. They PEP our partners, our customers, our users and our team to success.

(P) Pioneer

Pioneer and innovate, don't be afraid to be the first.

(E) Empower

Empower and inspire others through collaboration and sharing.

(P) Passion

Bring passion and energy to the things you do.

We're based in the heart of London

We are based in London, one of the most international, open and culturally diverse cities in the world.

We are largely remote, but we love to organise in person catchups so we can celebrate our success and have some fun!