AI People Insights

Reach your potential with AI-powered passive insights

“People analytics and insights lead to a 25% increase in productivity."

Lifecycle insights

Gain access to a comprehensive array of over 25 employee lifecycle insights, meticulously curated from the moment of hiring to the eventual exit. 

Our state-of-the-art technology automatically generates and models these insights, providing you with a nuanced understanding of every phase of your employees' journey.

25+ lifecycle insights
Automatically modelled insights
Curated insights from hire to exit

Engagement insights

Uncover a wealth of over 15+ engagement insights to empower your organisation's growth. 

The insights are underpinned by research stemming from Innovate UK R&D, as well as extensive conversations with prominent workplace psychologists and numerous organisations. This gives you access to the most cutting-edge developments in employee engagement strategies.

Say goodbye to cumbersome surveys: Our innovative approach unlocks the engagement insights you need through passive data.

15+ engagement driver insights
Backed by Innovate UK R&D and expertise from 100s of organisations and psychologists
No need for surveys

Productivity insights

Harness the power of 100s of productivity insights to propel your organisation's performance to new heights.

Foster team autonomy and establish clear productivity goals with our actionable insights, carefully designed to accelerate your workforce towards excellence.

100s of productivity insights to choose from
Cultivate team autonomy
Set and achieve productivity goals

Diagnose and resolve your people challenges

Get a free 45 minute consultation to learn about successful people strategies
Get your complimentary People Insights Report crafted by data experts and workplace psychologists
Gain an understanding of how people data and AI can help you achieve your goals

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