GitLab is a developer tool that allows users to develop, secure, and operate software in a single application.

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Why integrate GitLab with Omnifia?

Spend less time finding what you need. Omnifia allows you to bring your information and updates from GitLab directly into its workplace hub in minutes, with no code required. You can even customise the integration and bring in whatever information you’d like.

- Triage your GitLab updates in Omnifia

- Search across GitLab with all your other apps

- Unified and secure integration

How to integrate Omnifia with GitLab?

Omnifia integrates directly with GitLab, and utilises AI to give you the most relevant workplace updates and information.

- Login to Omnifia

- Visit ‘Integrations’ on the sidebar

- Add GitLab as an integration

- Select ‘allow’ and Omnifia will take care of the rest