80 workplace apps for success at work

The definitive and essential list of the top 80 workplace applications for success at work. From project management tools, to messaging, from marketing to developer tools. Read and get started with your business today.

Ivor Colson

In June 2020, 49% of all UK workers were either working entirely remotely or with a hybrid model in place. Now, evidence shows that 85% of people currently working from home expect to adopt a hybrid model in a post-pandemic society. It is clear that remote work is here to stay.

But how can you guarantee success at work if you don’t have the right applications to use?

Applications do not simply make hybrid work easier by increasing connectivity and collaboration across teams, they also allow for higher productivity. This is because automated applications reduce the time wasted on the inputting of and searching for information.

We at Omnifia believe that bringing together all applications so they can work in harmony, is central to knowledge discovery and ultimately success at work. That’s why our beta program combines different applications such as Trello, Google Drive and Slack and allows you to intuitively discover workplace information or search across your company with one query. You can sign up for our beta here.

Beyond Omnifia, however, there are a variety of other applications that can be used to help you as a hybrid worker achieve success at work. These cover applications that deal with communication and collaboration, venue management, project management, documentation, design, email and customer relationship management (CRM), file sharing and workplace wellbeing.

Each of these categories come with 10 applications, including our recommended application.  Please note any monthly price stated below refers to cost per user per month, not the price per company.

Communication and collaboration

These are the workplace apps that will make teamwork during hybrid working a breeze. Through using these applications teams can stay connected no matter where they are working from. Collaboration can also be fostered through video calls and encrypted messaging. Here are the 10 best applications for communication and collaboration to increase your success at work.

Top video app recommendation: Zoom

About: Video call and conferencing application which can host up to 100 participants in a call with unlimited group meetings for up to 40 minutes. Zoom has 467,100 business customers in 2021.

Price: For $149.90 a year, you can increase participants up to 1,000 and host group meetings for up to 30 hours.

Skype for business

About: Audio and HD video calling application which can host up to 100 participants which has an estimate of 62,788 business customers.

Price: Skype only charges you for international calls outside of the application.

Microsoft Teams

About: Video conferencing application that can host up to 100 participants for 1 hour for free. An estimate of 500,000 organisations use Teams.

Price: Other packages for no more than £10 a month allow for 300 participants over 24 hours in one call.

Google Meet

About: Linked to your Google Workspace account with up to 100 participants over an hour for free. Over 6 million companies and organisations use Google Suite for some aspect of their work.

Price: For up to 250 participants for over 24 hours, it costs from $8 a month.


About: Video conferencing application which an estimated 429 companies use.

Price: Offers a 14-day free trial then it is $9.99 monthly to host 100 participants, $13.99 monthly to host 150 participants and $16.66 monthly to host up to 200 participants.

Top messaging app recommendation: Slack

About: Messaging collaboration application with the option for voice and video calls. Integrated with over 2,200 apps and offering the ability for teams to set up channels and file sharing. Over 600,000 companies use Slack.

Price: You can use Slack for free or sign up to their pro plan for £5.25 a month or their business plus plan for £9.75 a month.


About: Communication application for businesses that allows employees to access corporate applications and resources. Workvivo operates with both large and small companies and offers a demo service.

Price: After the free trial, you can contact Workvivo for a quote for your monthly subscription.


About: Secure, unlimited messaging team collaboration application. Their business plan can give you access to audio and video calls and the ability to contact a dedicated support line.

Price: $3 a month for the business plan.

Troop Messenger

About: Group messaging service with ability to do HD video and audio calling. Integrations with Google Drive, DropBox and LDAP.

Price: Offers a 1 month free trial before charging $5 per month.


About: Messaging, file sharing and task setting application. For better storage, user account management and retention of files, you can pay for their subscription service.

Price: €5 a month.

Venue Management

These are the workplace apps that ensure everyone is on the same page, even if they are not working in the same room. These applications streamline the process of booking venues, desks and rooms and offer shared calendars which boost collaboration within the workplace and guarantee success at work.

Top room booking recommendation: Skedda

About: Space management application which manages the booking and scheduling of your spaces. All accounts come with unlimited bookings and unlimited users.

Price: By upgrading to their pro or premium scheme, from $32.50 per month, you can access a longer booking activity feed, booking data retention and support.


About: Appointment scheduling application which incorporates calendar sync and integrates with video conferencing applications such as Zoom. Offers a free service for small businesses with up to 100 appointments a month.

Price: For $20 a month you can book up to 300 appointments a month.


About: Management software which allows businesses to book spaces and office hubs. A subscription includes business analytics, add-ons and integrations and encryption.

Price: Offers a 30-day free trial and then depending on the size of the required members, charges as little as €49 a month.


About: Application that manages coworking flexible workspaces with 2000+ workspace operates in over 90 countries. Includes app integration and offers live demos. Free access provides all core features and up to 5 active users.

Price: For $85 a month it includes the integrations, onboarding and has multi-location access.


About: Putting people before places, Robin manages hybrid work by organising work space. Offering demos and COVID-19 health screening, there is a 14-day free trial.

Price: After this the basic package costs $1,500 a year and their pro package is $3,500.

Top calendar recommendation: Google Calendar

About: Events are synced from all emails on Gmail. Calendar is backed up online and you can share a calendar with 75 users in a 24-hour period.

Price: Free to use.


About: A scheduling application which can create events with multiple invitees. Syncs with Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar and Exchange Calendar.

Price: Vyte offers a 14-day free trial and customises pricing for different enterprises based on their need.


About: Scheduling software which allows teams to schedule meetings professionally and efficiently.

Price: The basic plan is free but for the premium package it starts at $8 a month and $12 a month for their pro package.


About: Application to speed up the time it takes to book meetings. Integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar as well as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Price: Starting with a 14-day free trial, Doodle Pro costs $6.95 monthly and covers 1 user, or for 5 users it will cost $8.95 monthly.


About: Automating the booking process through confirmations, reminders, integrations and payments. Loaded with app integration, there is a 7-day free appointment scheduler trial.

Price: They offer a pro service for $7 a month, pro plus for $11 a month and customised pricing for enterprises.

Project management

These workplace apps are designed to make project management a lot easier. With the ability to overview progress on a project, send follow-up messages and set tasks with a click of the button, these applications will increase success at work for any manager working on a hybrid schedule.

Top recommendation: Trello

About: Moving teams forward through the ability to collaborate, manage projects and reach new productivity peaks. Over 1 million teams worldwide use Trello to accomplish their projects.

Price: It is free for individuals and small teams. For businesses it costs $12.50 monthly and they offer customised prices for enterprises.


About: Manages multiple projects by using custom workflows, timelines and result analysis to make project management simple.

Price: It’s free for start-up businesses and for professional teams it costs $9.80 a month and $24.80 for fully-fledged businesses.


About: Flowdock brings all work conversations, items and tools into one place which allows for easier overview and management of projects.

Price: They offer a free 30-day trial, and then for enterprises they charge $9 a month for their service.


About: Organises all of your tasks into one place which makes hybrid working easier to manage. Over 3.5 million accounts are signed up to Basecamp.

Price: For businesses they charge $99 a month for their service.


About: Plans, organises, collaborates and analyses information to make teamwork and project management easier to navigate. Used by more than 20,000 teams.

Price: Offers a 15-day free trial and then charges $15 a month for businesses, $6.67 a month for smaller teams and $24.17 for enterprises.


About: Helps teams to manage tasks and communication to ease the completion of tasks. Redbooth works with over 620,000 teams and whilst it can be used for free, it’s best tools including time tracking, workloads, and due date recommendations are only available through their payment schemes.

Price: They charge $15 a month for businesses, $9 a month for their ‘pro’ scheme and a customised price for enterprises.


About: Replaces the need for multiple applications and places all of your work into one place. They work with over 200,000 teams and include some unique features such as including different templates and over 1,000 integrations.

Price: You can access most of the features for free but for unlimited access you can pay $5 a month. Businesses can pay $9 a month for Google SSO, further encryption and advanced features.


About: A task managing application which has helped people complete over 1.5 billion tasks in over 150 million projects.

Price: It offers all of its features for free, but for unlimited access for businesses it costs $5 a month, and $3 monthly for their pro package.

About: An application that helps people stay organised and get more done at work. It organises tasks by making lists and reminders which sync across all devices. Also includes an integrated calendar.

Price: For premium, it costs $5.99 monthly with deals for committing to a longer monthly subscription, such as $2.99 per month for a 12-month subscription.


About: Enhances productivity by automatically sorting through tasks and collaborating across teams. Integrates with dropbox, slack and google drive.

Price: For up to 10 members, you can access the application for free alongside a 60 day free trial. For businesses, it costs $5 per user per month.


In order to maximise productivity and success at work when working in a hybrid fashion, you need documents, spreadsheets and powerpoints that can be shared and easily within your team. These 10 workplace apps provide the best digital documentations.

Top recommendation: Google Docs/Sheets/Slides

About: Accessible through your Google account, Google documents, sheets and slides can be edited anywhere and shared within the team. They come with their own templates which can be used by the team.

Price: Free to use.


About: Provides a variety of templates that can be used for any task during hybrid work. These include a range of spreadsheets and databases that can be shared digitally.

Price: For teams that are just starting-up, you can access airtable for free and for growing teams it costs $10 a month.

Microsoft Word / Excel / Powerpoint

About: Documents, spreadsheets and presentations that come with set templates and can be collaboratively worked on by teams.

Price: Buying a Microsoft 365 account for businesses will give you access to each of these applications and more. There is a 1-month free trial and then it costs £9.40 per month for their Business Standard plan.


About: A legally binding way to provide signatures electronically. All documents are encrypted and are integrated with many useful applications.

Price: For 5 documents a month you can access the application for free, but for unlimited documents and access to 3 templates you can pay $9.99 monthly. Their professional plan costs $39.99 a month but contains unlimited documents and 10 templates.


About: Offers a clear view on documents and organises folders which makes everything so much easier to find. Provides templates for documentation.

Price: For 50 documents, you can use the application for free but for unlimited documents you can pay $6.67 per month. Enterprises can inquire and receive a customised price.


About: Provides templates that feature modern editing abilities and can be shared across the team. Can be integrated with other applications.

Price: For up to 10 users, it is free to use. For startups, it costs $6.67 a month and for unlimited usage that big businesses will need it costs $12.50.


About: Helps your team to work in collaboration with templates and project data. Provides easy e-signatures and secure file sharing.

Price: For up to 5 employees, the application is free but they offer a basic plan for $7.20 a month, a plus scheme for $11.20 a month and a premium scheme of $19.20 a month which offers the full suite of advanced features.


About: Provides best-practice templates for a variety of uses and offers integration to apps such as trello and slack. It is used by over 60,000 customers.

Price: For up to 10 users, it can be used for free but for 11 to 100 users, it costs $5 a month.


About: Workplace and document collaboration which allows teams to create, collaborate and organise documents in one place. Creates notes, documents, wikis and more.

Price: For up to 5 members, it can be used for free and this gives you access to up to 50 documents. The pro plan offers unlimited members and unlimited documents for $8 a month. The business plan offers the same as well as trackable documents and unlimited storage for $15 a month.

Roam Research

About: Note-taking tool which can serve as a document or as a graph database.

Price: Their pro plan costs $15 a month.


Not all hybrid work revolves around task management and documentation. Many workers need to use design tools whilst working remotely, and these next 10 applications will help them to maximise their creative potential and success at work.

Top recommendation: Canva

About: Canva allows you to create custom templates and share designs with your team.

Price: You can use the service for free or sign up for Canva Pro which is free for 30 days before charging as little as £10.99 a month depending on the team size. Canva Pro comes with more stock photos, over 420,000 templates and unlimited use of background remover.

Creative Cloud Adobe

About: Includes access to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which allows you to do it all. You can invite others to edit and sync your designs onto any device.

Price: For businesses, you can get both Adobe applications alongside InDesign, Premiere Pro and Acrobat Pro for $70.80 a month through their Creative Cloud All Apps package.

Affinity Designer / Photo

About: Optimised for the latest tech on all computers, Affinity Designer and Photo can create concept art, print projects, logos, icons and edit photographs to perfection.

Price: It costs a one-time payment of $48.99 to get access to Affinity Designer and another payment of £48.99 to get access to Affinity Photo.


About: A collaborative designing application which allows teams to work on designs together.

Price: You can use the application for free but for access to unlimited projects and shareable team libraries you can pay $12 a month for their professional package. For organisations they charge $45 a month for further SSO and advanced security.


About: Photo editor which allows the user to edit photos and create designs. Templates are available to use.

Price: You can always use the service for free. However, for more overlays, assets and templates, you can use the 30 day free trial for Pixlr premium and then pay €4.90 per month.


About: Robust product design application which is designed for collaboration across teams. Used by over 200,000 teams.

Price: Mockplus classic costs $1999 per year for 10 users which gives you access to unlimited prototypes, online collaboration and the ability to publish to the cloud and sync designs.


About: Software which allows teams to work together to design beautiful presentations. There are lots of templates to choose from.

Price: You can use it for free or pay £8 per month to get access to workspace roles, shared private folders and unlimited file size uploads. Enterprises can also get in touch to receive a customised price.


About: Creates more interesting and engaging meeting presentations using over 200 templates.

Price: You can get started for free and then for small teams it is $12 a month, and their plus package is $20 per month and allows for 10 members in one workspace.


About: Tools for the whole design process and allows teams to collaborate on their projects.

Price: Their ‘Notebooks’ allow teams to create transparency in their design process and to work without distractions for $29 a month.


About: Collaboration in real-time on a digital whiteboard to create interactive prototypes.

Price: You can use a demo and then for unlimited projects, it will cost $25 per month.

Email and customer relationship management (CRM)

A lot of time, hybrid work relies on good communication between members of staff and also between a company and their customers. This section looks at the best email applications and CRM applications that can be used to better this collaboration and boost your success at work.

Top email recommendation: Gmail

About: With over 1.8 billion users worldwide, Gmail is the most popular email platform. It integrates automatically with other Google applications such as Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Price: It is free to use.

Microsoft Outlook

About: Just behind Gmail, Microsoft Outlook has around 1 billion users. It is often used alongside other Microsoft products such as One Drive, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Teams.

Price: The app is free but requires an Office 365 subscription so it could be used in a package alongside other Microsoft products for around £9.40 a month.

The Bat!

About: A secure desktop email client which can be used on Windows. It includes a powerful filtering system and different templates that can be used.

Price: It is free to use.


About: Application that makes email management simpler by combining different accounts together. Over 2,000,000 use the application.

Price: You can pay outright for £72.25 or pay £3.75 monthly.

eM Client

About: Offers message encryption, message translation and syncs up with calendars to help manage tasks. It connects to any email service to speed up protectivity.

Price: It is free to use but for companies that want the full functionality it costs £16.50 per device.

Top CRM recommendation: HubSpot

About: Offers marketing, sales and service software to help your business to grow.

Price: Provides a free demo and prices are available upon request depending on what your business needs.


About: Supporting businesses of all sizes with their CRM with a variety of services.

Price: Their service to help grow small businesses starts from £20 per month.


About: Suite of software that helps to run a business and develop your CRM.

Price: You can sign up for free and prices are available upon request depending on what your business needs.


About: Application that increases sales that is used by over 95,000 companies.

Price: You can start on a free trial and then their essential package costs £12.50 per month. The advanced plan costs £24.90 per month and their professional plan which covers all that you’ll need to collaborate, communicate and grow revenue costs £49.90 per month.


About: Customer support software for any business of any size, used by over 160,000 businesses.

Price: You can request a demo and free trial and then prices are available upon request depending on what your business needs.

File Sharing

Although many of the applications we have already looked at offer a file sharing service, these next 10 workplace apps specialise in this and are designed to make file sharing as easy as possible.

Top recommendation: Dropbox Business

About: Uses the cloud to securely store files for organisations.

Price: For a Dropbox Business plan, it costs £18 monthly for an advanced plan and this gives unlimited storage and proper encryption. A cheaper standard plan can be chosen for £12 a month which offers 5TB (5,000GB) of space and incorporates easy to use sharing and collaboration tools.

Google Drive

About: Uses the cloud to create and share files across teams.

Price: It is free to use with 15GB of storage provided but after this, you may need to pay for more storage by subscribing to a monthly or annual fee or buy upgrading to a Google One account.


About: Protects access to apps and creates a secure digital workplace. Includes integrations from Microsoft and Google Cloud and has over 400,000 customers.

Price: You can request a quote online.


About: Uses the cloud to secure data across the organisation and increase collaboration.

Price: An annual business plus plan comes to £20 per month and a standard business plan costs £12.


About: File sharing application which collects files and transfers them to different devices. Allows you to send big files and work collaboratively.

Price: Free to use but for their pro package it is €12 a month.

One Drive

About: Allows users to save files and photos and access them on any device. Files can be shared and can increase collaboration within teams.

Price: Can be paid for alongside other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as Outlook for around £9.40 a month.


About: File sync and sharing for businesses. Includes end-to-end encryption and easy access as well as collaboration.

Price: The business standard cost is £9.58 monthly but it can be £12.83 for the business plus plan.

One Hub

About: Securely stores and shares business files through the cloud.

Price: If billed annually, it costs $20 monthly for the advanced plan which contains a robust set of file sharing features. The standard plan costs $12.50 monthly and both come with a 14-day free trial.

Ring Central

About: Allows teams to connect on one global platform and uses enterprise-grade security.

Price: You can request a demo, and their premium plan costs £19.99 per month and also includes message, video and phone calling as well as their open platform.


About: Turns strategy into results as it allows business and technology planning to be integrated into one software which boosts business performance.

Price: You can access a demo and also request pricing via their website.

Workplace wellbeing

The last part of ensuring you have all the applications that will make you successful during hybrid working is ensuring that you are taking care of your wellbeing. In this final section, we have combined 10 apps that deal with time management, yoga and fitness and mental health and meditation. Together, these tools should begin to help you practice workplace wellbeing even when working from home.

Top recommendation: Headspace

About: Application that supports anxiety through guided meditation and different breathing techniques. Offers support for sleep and mindfulness.

Price: The first 7 days are free and then it costs $69.99 annually.


About: Supports companies in taking care of their staff by offering in-person, online and video assessments and working remotely.

Price: To speak to a specialist and get a quote, you can check out the website.


About: Time tracking software that you can use to ensure you are taking regular breaks and not over-working.

Price: There is a 30 day free trial and then it is $12 a month for unlimited seats and projects.

My Fitness Pal

About: Application that works to support your fitness in terms of food and exercise.

Price: You can use it with a free 1 month trial and then access the full service for $49.99 annually.

Yoga Studio

About: Supports virtual yoga classes with easy to follow teacher commentary. Includes 25 hours of HD classes.

Price: For more information and to find out about payment check out their website.


About: For runners and cyclists, the app tracks your fitness goals.

Price: For more information and to find out about payment check out their website.


About: Mental health and wellbeing provider in the UK. Organises workshops and events that can benefit mental wellbeing.

Price: For more information and to find out about payment check out their website.

Meditation Studio

About: Application that provides guided meditation. Offers a variety of sessions.

Price: For more information and to find out about payment check out their website.

Sprout Life

About: Offers resources that can benefit one’s mental wellbeing.

Price: For more information and to find out about payment check out their website.


About: Service that works to support workers in terms of their behavioural health. Supports personal wellbeing, professional performance and can give advice on parenting and caregiving.

Price: You can request a demo and for more information about prices or to download a brochure, you can check out their website.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our list of essential workplace apps for success at work.

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