Automate productivity insights. Focus on strategy. Transform results.

“People analytics leads to a 25% increase in productivity."

Measure productivity

Understand your business productivity by measuring the metrics that matter to you. Choose from 1k+ insights available in Omnifia.

Plan strategy and align stakeholders
Define productivity KPIs
Measure progress

Transform productivity

Allow your teams to improve their performance autonomously with productivity insights. Launch a strategy that's proven to deliver transformed results.

Improve cross team transparency
Align teams with business priorities
Transform results with high performing teams

Solution features

Real time KPIs

Pull in your data from any app and track in real time

Objective insights

Measure productivity through hard data, not opinions

Autonomous teams

Allow teams to manage themselves and perform autonomously


Drive productivity with team metrics. No individual metrics by default

Template dashboards

Use our out of the box dashboards to set up team metrics

Custom dashboards

Personalise the data as you wish with 1k metrics and many visualisation options

Accelerate productivity in 3 steps

1. Setup

Signup for access below and onboard onto Omnifia.

2. Measure

Start measuring productivity across your teams.

3. Transform

Transform productivity by turning insights into action.

Make the best decisions every time.