Employee experience

End-to-end employee experience insights

Measure and improve the entire employee experience. From hire to exit, create a market leading experience with the best insights.

“Creating a satisfying employee experience can increase revenue 1.8 times."


Create a watertight hiring process. Hire the best talent in the market. Spot process bottlenecks and create a seamless experience for candidates.

15+ out-of-the-box Hire metrics for you to choose from.

Prevent bad hires
Measure cost of hire
Track job offer acceptance rate


Deliver a top class onboarding experience. Get new hires contributing faster and more productively.

15+ out-of-the-box Onboard metrics for you to choose from.

Measure ramp up time
Understand quality of hire
Assess onboarding satisfaction


Make well-informed workforce decisions with the best data at hand. Collaborate and work on initiatives across HR, Finance and Ops.

20+ Workforce metrics for you to choose from.

Measure diversity metrics
Perform scenario analysis
Understand headcount trends


Translate your workplace culture into measurable metrics. Understand your culture using AI, passive data and employee feedback.

30+ out-of-the-box Hire metrics for you to choose from.

Measure burnout passively
Track async v sync communication
Understand cross team collaboration


Understand why employees are leaving. Create a strategy to increase retention. Use AI to understand the trends and fix the issues proactively.

10+ out-of-the-box Hire metrics for you to choose from.

Understand exit reasons
Measure organisational knowledge loss
Deep dive into turnover with correlation analysis

Make decisions rooted in data.

Solution features

Segment data

Slice and dice the data by demographic filters in a click.

Out-of-the-box insights

Choose from a selection of over 100+ employee experience insights.

Automatic insights

Say goodbye to updating spreadsheets, save time with automatic insights.

Passive data

Get crucial insights from the passive data that comes from your workspace apps.

Survey data

Configure and automate the scheduling of employee surveys.

Correlation analysis

Benefit from automatic correlation insights to inform your decision making.

Create a market leading employee experience in 3 steps

1. Setup

Signup for access and onboard onto Omnifia.

2. Measure

Measure and diagnose issues across the employee experience.

3. Transform

Transform results by creating a data driven people strategy.