Drive positive change with data and connectivity

Unlock a competitive edge through workplace analytics and cross app productivity features.

Why use Omnifia?


Measure productivity and wellbeing with real time and anonymised cross app data. Make data led decisions.



Improve productivity and wellbeing with cross app functionality, workplace wellbeing and productivity features.


Measure productivity


Measure wellbeing and engagement

Access on demand and anonymised data to understand workplace dynamics and drive positive change.

Measure engagement: use data to understand team engagement
Track burnout: understand wellbeing and risk to burnout
Understand sentiment: instantly check if sentiment is trending up or down
Attract talent: showcase positive culture to attract the best talent

Self managing employees

Allow your employees to manage their own productivity and wellbeing with their personal dashboard.

Measure burnout: allow teams to prevent and self-manage burnout
Retain talent: keep engaged and motivated teams to reduce turnover
Understand productivity: help teams understand their own productivity
Empower teams: drive positive change with a private dashboard for individuals

Boost productivity


Search everything

Allow teams to save hours per week with one search for every tool.

One search: Search files, chats, contacts, deals, tasks and more - all from one place
Instantly accessible: Launch the search in the touch of a button with hot keys
Filter: Customise the search as you wish and find exactly what you need

Perform actions instantly

Unlock the ability to perform cross app functions in an instant.

Create actions: Get your work done in lightning speed with reduced app switching
Customisable actions: Customise which actions you want
Instantly accessible: Launch quick actions at the speed of thought with hot keys

One place for updates

Get instant workplace context with one central place for your workplace updates.

Centralise updates: stream all your updates into one central place
Respond to updates: Respond to messages, comments and task updates in one flow
Get into deep work faster: Deal with your updates and get into focused work faster than ever.

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